The Purr-fect Vacation

My husband and I have only been “Airstreamers” for a short time, but we learned very quickly that many people take their beloved dogs with them on their adventures. It seems those that bring them really enjoy the company of their loyal friends. Although we do not own a dog ourselves, we do have a furry pet.  This past July our kitty had some oral surgery and could not be left home with a cat sitter. So we decided to be bold (or crazy perhaps?) and take her with us for nearly two weeks in the Airstream. This involved a little extra travel back and forth from North Jersey to South Jersey.  Surprisingly, it turned out to be fun!

We stayed at the Long Beach RV Resort in Barnegat, NJ. This was a planned vacation for us. In fact, we booked it seven months prior to the event. The facility is run by Sun Resorts, and well run at that. They seem to have about 12 transient sites for visitors like us, and the rest were seasonal and tent sites.


We are beach lovers and this campsite is about 15-20 minutes from a variety of beaches. There were lots of things to do at the site, and so much to do off site. On site they have a swimming pool, free mini golf and a fun “air pillow”.  We annually rent a house directly on Long Beach Island, near the light house, so we were familiar with the area. The weather was mostly cooperative and so it was a lovely visit.

For those of you who may not know, we own a 22FB Sport Bambi. It’s a small, but very well laid out airstream. We were so pleasantly surprised that our kitty adjusted right away to the new, small surroundings. She made her home in the storage compartment under the dinette cushion area or under the bed. We just left the door open for her and she would go in and curl up for her naps. During the day we would keep her kitty litter box outside (bringing it in for her to use occasionally between cat-naps.) At night her litter box was kept in the shower for easy clean up 🙂 She is about 14 years old and an INDOOR cat only. The first night Anya, our kitty, boldly escaped from the AS. She ran out the door and immediately under the AS. Panic ensued – only to have her come out immediately as we called her name. 🙂  At this point we decided to experiment by buying her a harness so that she could sit outside with us. Although she did come out wearing her harness a couple of times, she mostly sat under one of our chairs and looked around. We think she did enjoy the great outdoors and we certainly enjoyed having her with us.

I was amazed at how wonderful and easy it was to have our kitty with us!!

Barnegat Lighthouse on LBI

Cheers!  Lois