Meet Our Members

I thought it would be fun to get to know some of the members of the WBCCI (Wally Byam Caravan Club International) Watchung Region (NJ). I will periodically spotlight some of them in the blog.

Bill & BettyLou

This month we are featuring 3 couples.  The first here are Bill and BettyLou Walker.  This couple owns a 1992 Sovereign (21′) Airstream.  That is NOT a typo- 1992.   BettyLou and Bill have been on the road (part time) with their airstream since 1992.  I consider them the couple to “go to” with questions regarding airstream travel.  They are each knowledgeable, kind, and friendly.  BettyLou says their favorite places to camp have been the Travelers Rest RV Resort in Florida, where it is warm and you can see great shows and have good dinners.  The other is Liberty Harbor RV Park (NJ)- this is a great Urban Camping experience.  In April Bill and MaryLou start planning their trips for the following season.

Laura Meg

Meet Laura and Meg Riley.  They currently own a 2019 Globetrotter (27′).  In the 4 years that they have been camping with an Airstream they have owned 2 different models.  Starting with a 2014 Sport to get their feet wet, they added space by changing to the 2019 Globetrotter.  Meg is currently  2nd Vice President of the Watchung Region Airstream Club, and Laura is a Director.  Both help to keep the club running smoothly and they are both very active.  The ladies very much enjoy outdoor adventures.  Their two favorite places to camp are Army Corps of Engineers campground in Nashville, Tenn.  and Airstream Haven in Virginia.   According to this couple “Nashville is nothing but beautiful, roomy and low key. ”  Perfect for their style. Meg and Laura plan their trips by starting with the Airstream Club calendar of events and then move to life events which gives them destinations to consider.  Their favorite app to use for Airstreaming is Google maps.

Maria and Robert

Our final couple for this month are Maria and Robert Dolan.  This couple is from NJ and are new to camping with the Airstream.  They have recently purchased a 2018 International Serenity (27′).  Robert’s favorite place to camp was at the beach overnight so that they could share the amazing sunsets.  For Maria, her favorite was Assateague Island. She loved the wild horses and other animals, plus the bike riding, and history of the area.  This couple likes to plan ahead and uses many apps to help plan their Airstream adventures, such as YouTube, Capendium, and Facebook Groups.   Maria and Robert are very active and you can usually spot them riding their bicycles around!

We welcome ALL Airstream owners to the club.  If you are interested or have any questions please reach out.  Safe travels!

Cheers!  Lois