What A Long Strange Trip This Is…

Who knew that our March brunch would be our last get together for quite a while?  It is strange to look back on that fun, heart-warming day as the only time to see our camping family for a while.  As a fairly new member to the Watchung Club (3 seasons) it was my first time hosting a luncheon event.  It was so much fun!  Our club really does have some of the coolest people.  





So, what are we doing to pass the time and stay healthy?  Here are just a few of our members and what they have been up to. I thought I would share some of the news with you…


Angie and Mark are moving into a new house. Yes, we all know they are a brave couple, and this proves it! Through all this craziness they have added moving along with working and keeping the family safe.  Good luck to your family in your new home!



Joanne has been busy doing what Joanne does, helping others.  According to her Facebook page she has MADE and delivered approximately 46 face masks for the medical staff at Hunterdon Medical Center.  This of course is in addition to taking care of Rosie (aka Princess).

Rosie is of course getting used to having her “people” home with her.  I can only imagine how all of our pets are going to react once we (people) get back to our typical, busy lives away from home.  Stayla quotes Rosie as saying “I get to spend a lot of time outside now that my people are home- I am usually stuck inside”. LOL.



Linda K. is spending much of her time caring for her new kids.  LOL!!  By “kids” I mean goats!  Adorable, frisky, goats!

Linda was kind enough to share this info about her kids.   She even did the write up- how cool is that?!

We, (Freckles and Speckles), were born on January 22, 2020, and were two of five male siblings. Our mom is friends with Gigi of Carvango Farm, and was present when Speckles was born. We were amongst 23 babies born in a three week period at the farm. Carvango Farm produces goat milk soaps and lotions for sale here in White Haven, Pennsylvania. We came to our new home with our mom and dad at five weeks old. We still take a morning bottle of  formula, down from three times per day, and will not like when that stops in another week. Weaning is between eight and twelve weeks old. We are ruminants, and according to Wikipedia, this means that we acquire nutrients from plant- based food by fermenting it in a specialized stomach prior to digestion, so when you meet us, we will often be chewing. We have an awesome house and fenced in yard, and from there we can see our chicken sisters, Henny and Buttercup. We are kids and like to run and play, but our favorite activity is chewing on EVERYTHING!

Mom says we should have been called Chewy and Louie instead. She has set up a “litterbox” for us to do our business in one place because she saw something on the internet, (so it must be true), but it is not working so well for her. Cats we are not! We love people and look forward to meeting all of our Airstream friends.

Here is some “Goat Love” to share.  

As we go through these crazy times remember to be kind, and patient with each other.     Cheers!     Lois

******* If you have some news that you would like to share, please email me at  airstreaminglois@gmail.com