While we are not traveling…

As many of you know Chris & I bought another fixer-upper we refer to as “The Money Pit”. For the past year we have been diligently working to rehab the interior, spending much time at the local Home Depot, Lowes and Ace Hardware stores which seem to have taken the place of date nights!

March entered as a lamb along with covid-19 and our new norm of Social Distancing. As nature lovers we are grateful to have some good outdoor space to roam around on. We moved our projects to the outdoors.

We now have a garden shed that is painted on all 4 sides, not just the side we
look at!
We added flower boxes and grow bags to get ready for summer beauty.

The multiple perennial beds around the house had been neglected for many years and were out of control. They were far too close to the foundation of the house and needed to be disassemble.

We have been building bird friendly habitats throughout the yard using
the lilies, peonies, bleeding hearts etc. that needed a new location.

We have placed nesting houses around the property. Built a shaded garden for the hummingbirds and orioles who migrate back in May.
Chris built additional raised-bed boxes for the garden area which is now bursting with garlic planted last November!
The cold-snap came and stopped our progress, giving us a chance to rest our gardening muscles that have been dormant all winter!

With our new norm of Social Distancing Chris & I can’t say that we have been bored. Our new home adventure has given us a lifetime of projects. What we miss most is the Freedom of coming and going at our own leisure, Freedom to be with our friends and family without the burden of worry and masks.

As Airstreamers we all have an interest in the nature around us. We have learned to become minimalists
doing with only our bare necessities, which has also made us survivors. We will survive this with positivity,
patience and supportiveness.