Turning The Corner

We all know that turning the corner (especially right turns) can be tough.  But at the end of this year we are happily ready to “turn the corner” into a new year!  No need to review all the negative from 2020, we have all experienced some form of it first hand.  Rather let us look to the future of 2021.  HAPPY NEW YEAR! Looking forward to seeing our airstream friends- some of whom we have not seen in a very long time.  Perhaps we will still be wearing masks, staying a 6′ distance and constantly washing our hands but hey! at least we will get to visit with them again.   So many possibilities for each of us.  A long road to go anyplace we may want to go.  Seems like this winter (while staying indoors) is a good time to get out our maps, and digital apps to plan some of the things we have so badly wanted to do this past year, but couldn’t.  

My husband and I plan on taking a road trip to visit many family members spread across the USA.  Starting with the “International” in Lebanon, TN in July then over to Western North Carolina and across the state for other visits.  From there onward to Kentucky, Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania and so on.  We are really looking forward to this trip and are so ready to start planning.  Naturally we realize that safety is paramount so we are hopeful that by the time we do this –all will be possible. 

What are some of your dreams for this next camping season? Please drop a line to my email and we will share…

The road is calling, perhaps it is time we answer it!