Watchungers 2018 Installation Luncheon

I realize one of the many things that I enjoy about our Watchung Airstream Club is that there is a great blend of contemporary and traditional.

The December meeting was the epitome of these two styles blending together.

The main event that day was the installation of the club’s new officers and directors. It was done with style and solemnity. Fred Brugmans did a marvelous job of presiding over the ceremony. The traditional service made you feel the responsibility of the officers and all that they represent. On the other side was the lightheartedness of a few jokes tossed out by some of the inductees. Our club is inclusive, and fun! Our officers are again a blend of long-time members and new members who jumped in with gusto! Each of them accepting their role with commitment and grace. During the ceremony we also said “goodbye and thank you” to the officers that had served us for the past few years.

I understand many changes to the club took place this past year and each and every officer was involved in helping these changes come about. From my point of view these changes are positive and will help to keep the club moving forward. Since this was my first year in the club I would like to personally thank the former officers for helping to make my first year a truly memorable one.

Part of the mission of the club is to give back to the community. Our December luncheon showed generosity in abundance. Monetary donations were collected through a raffle for prizes: beautiful, handmade Christmas centerpieces and wreaths created by the incoming 1st Lady, Kim Sheppard. These centerpieces helped to contribute to the festive atmosphere of the luncheon. Members were also asked to donate toys to charity for the holidays, and the Watchung Club did not disappoint! A large table overflowed with toys large and small to help put smiles on the faces many children Christmas morning.

By the meeting’s end oaths had been taken, candles lit, members had socialized,and an excellent lunch was had by all!

As I stood, somewhat in the middle of the room with my camera, I felt an enormous sense of pride to be part of such a wonderful, generous group of people. My husband and I look forward to sharing many more of these experiences with the club in 2019!

Cheers!    Lois Wagner